• Marquese Scott – DREAMER DUBSTEP – DOP
    Marquese Scott – DREAMER DUBSTEP – DOP In promotion for Americans Promoting Study Abroad, we shot this video on a cold December morning on MuTianYu. It became a youtube viral video. 2011 | CIB Productions | Beijing | Format 5D Note | Over 4.6 million views on Youtube
  • Francophonie Festival Teaser
    Francophonie Festival Teaser Over 800 photos combined to create a live stop motion animation
  • Club France – The French Teacher
    Club France – The French Teacher A hilarious short portrait of a Chinese French teacher in Chengdu
  • Club France – The Traveller
    Club France – The Traveller Producer : Martine Marras Filmmaker : Jason Lee Wong Camera : Canon 5D3
  • Xanthium
    Xanthium Xanthium is a lyrical story of a Chinese girl who sends a diary to an unknown path. Written and directed by #223 Camera and Editing by Jason Lee Wong Client : Cotton China Longer 11 minute version on Youku
  • Ice